Are dental check ups important?

“Dental care is not expensive, neglect is!”

For some dental check-ups aren’t prioritized because of “time”, “money”, “fear” or “theirs nothing wrong with my teeth”. We’ve all been guilty of putting it off at one point or another and we get it.

But did you know a lot of minor dental problems may not be symptomatic and if treated early enough can prevent major problems in the future.

During your check up Dr Linda will chart your teeth, check your existing fillings/crowns/bridges/implants/veneers, check for loose or broken teeth, look for signs of gum disease, tooth decay (cavity), assess your bite, check your tongue, tissues inside your mouth and throat. She may even prescribe x-rays if required.

Besides this, routine checks up offer a lot more than you might think. The following are the 5 top reasons why Dr Linda recommends you see a dentist every six months.

1. It will save you money

Its the truth. Prevention is better than cure. Regular dental visits and evaluation of your oral health can treat and prevent minor problems becoming major problems. More complex dental procedures are costly and harder to fix. Untreated decay can cause bacteria to go into the nerve of the tooth and require root canal therapy and a crown to fix it. This can end up being a very costly procedure.

2. Avoid unexpected tooth loss

Gum disease is the most common cause of tooth loose and can progress without any symptoms. Without getting it treated, severe bone loss can occur around a tooth causing it to loosen and eventually removed if it causes an infection.

On top of regular brushing and flossing, a regular dental check up and clean will reduce the risk of tooth loss.

3. We perform an oral cancer screen at every checkup

Dr Linda will examine your mouth for any signs of lesions or areas that look out of the ordinary. Oral cancer kills 1 person every hour and its on the rise, especially amongst young people. The death rate is high because its initial stages can be painless and can go unnoticed. Early detection followed by correct treatment is crucial to increase the survival rate. This is especially true for those at higher risk, such as smokers and individuals who consume excessive amounts of alcohol.

4. You will learn more about your overall health. 

Did you know 90% of all systemic diseases like diabetes, anemia and leukemia have oral manifestations. Recent studies have shown links of gum disease with stroke, heart conditions, osteoporosis, diabetes and preterm low-birth-weight babies. Seeing your dentist every 6 months and getting the necessary treatments can help prevent these in their earliest stages.

In addition, your dentist can detect and treat signs of TMJ (jaw-joint disorders), improper jaw alignment, teeth grinding, headache, snoring and sleep apnoea problems, stress and advise early screening and treatment to manage these conditions.

5. Get your child use to the dental office environment

Its important to start bringing your children to see the dentist and get them familiar with the environment and habit of dental check-ups. Decay, early loss of teeth, mouth breathing, tongue and lip ties, teeth grinding, sleeping problems can all impact on a child’s growth and development. Early detection and management will allow your kids to develop beautiful and healthy faces.

Hope that has helped clarify the importance of regular check ups. If you would like to make an appointment to see Dr Linda please call 9418 2502 or book online. We look forward to catching up with you real soon!

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