Dental implants – Flapless and Guided Procedure


Dental Implants – Flapless Implant Surgery 

Dental implants have progressed over the past decade and advanced in line with the digital age. With the population aging and living longer, we expect to maintain a healthy dentition longer as well. In this way replacing teeth with single-tooth implants have become the standard of care in dentistry.

Traditionally dental implants are placed by raising a flap of gum in order to expose the bone to place a dental implant. This can cause a number of complication such as tissue recession, bone loss and scarring.

Now a days the current trend is to develop techniques to provide function, aesthetics and comfort with a minimally invasive surgical approach.
Dr Linda has invested time and money to equip herself with the knowledge and equipment to deliver just that. With the use of the latest digital technology such as 3D x-rays and digital scanning of the mouth, Dr Linda is able to predictably plan the placement of dental implants before your appointment. By offering a flapless approach and guided procedure, there will be less swelling, less bleeding, less infection, faster healing results and less surgical time to have the procedure done.


This advanced planning also reduces the amount of appointments required to deliver the implant. By offering a wide range of options Dr Linda can discuss which technique would be suitable for her patients.


Find out more about dental implants today and discover how easily it can be to replace your missing tooth/teeth to restore your chewing function and aesthetics and avoid having to wear a loose or uncomfortable denture again.

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