Tooth Coloured Fillings and Fissure Seals

Tooth Coloured Fillings and Fissure SealsWhy Might I need a Dental Restoration? 


Dental restorations are used to repair teeth that have become damaged through trauma, infection or decay. A dental restoration will replace any missing tooth structure and can repair a tooth so it is sufficiently strong enough for normal biting and chewing. It is always important that we restore any damaged teeth as soon as possible as the tooth is at far greater risk of further damage and infection. A restoration will protect the existing tooth structure, sealing out bacteria and prolonging the natural life of the tooth.

What Type of Restorations are Available? 

We only use the highest quality materials to create long-lasting and beautiful restorations made from either porcelain or tooth coloured composite resins that can repair teeth nearly invisibly. The exact material used can depend on the location of the tooth and the extent of the damage. Teeth that are subject to greater chewing forces and which have lost a substantial part of their structure will need to be repaired with stronger and more hard-wearing materials compared to teeth that are exposed to a lesser degree of force. Every restoration is carefully designed to be aesthetically pleasing while still ensuring the tooth is fully functional.

What are Fissure Seals? 

Fissures Seals are recommended in children and adults for their molar teeth. They seal in the groves and fissures that can attract plaque, bacteria and cause decay if that is not brushed away properly.

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