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Porcelain Veneers instantly transforms your smile, treating worn, misshaped, crooked or stained teeth. Made of a thin shell of enamel like porcelain they are bonded accurately to your teeth.


But is it worth it? 


Certainly if done correctly and for the right reasons.


As we age our teeth become more worn and stained. Factors such as diet, habits and genes will contribute to this.

Teeth whitening could be an option to improve the appearance of the teeth and bring back the once pearly whites.


However the teeth may be heavily stained and the shape or alignment of the teeth may not be optimal. Teeth whitening alone may not be enough to improve their appearance. A permanent solution to this is porcelain veneers. By improving the shape and colour of the teeth you’ll be able to have the smile you’ve always dreamed off.


Porcelain veneers are thin pieces of porcelain used to recreate the natural look of teeth. They are increasingly becoming popular for their ability to repair, protect and enhance the overall appearance of teeth.


Dr Linda will assess and discuss the pros and cons of dental veneers with you as part of a SMILE MAKEOVER consult and can do a mock up of what they may potentially look and feel like before you commit. The mock ups can be taken home to show your family and friends to get a second opinion and ensure you will be satisfied with the final results


Dr Linda also can offer one visit dental veneer procedures saving you time. The use of the latest in CADCAM digital technology means the procedure will be easier, more predictable, more comfortable and efficient for you.

The procedure is AFFORDABLE and with the many options available can cater to all budgets.


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Join the many others who have chosen us for the following reasons:

  • Get a comprehensive consultation 
  • Be treated by a cosmetic dentist
  • Free parking available 
  • Payment plans available 
  • CADCAM digital technology 
  • One visit veneer procedures




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