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Myobrace in Killara – Pre-Orthodontic Treatment For Kids

If your child has bad oral habits, then we may recommend Myobrace. Killara residents should know that this is a modern and specialised pre-orthodontic treatment recommended for children ages 5 to 15.

Myobrace at our East Killara clinic works by intervening early in the case of bad oral habits and aiding the development of the jaws and facial muscles to prevent tooth crowding or spacing and other bite issues. In doing so, your child shouldn’t need braces later on. The result is naturally straighter teeth and a better smile as your child grows older.

Advantages of Myobraces

At our East Killara clinic, our dentist highly suggests using a Myobraces appliance as early as possible. Myobrace encourages your child to learn the proper techniques of:

  • Breathing through the nose
  • Placing the tongue in the correct position while at rest
  • Swallowing correctly
  • Keeping the lips together

These are often the reason for altered teeth and jaw development. And are the main culprits for braces in the future. But because of Myobrace, our Killara dentist can:

  • Straighten the teeth
  • Prevent bad oral habits
  • Improve overall health
  • Promote normal eating habits
  • Encourage proper growth and development of the face and jaws

So How Does Myobrace Work?

Myobrace treatment can start as early as 5 years old. The Myobrace System consists of a series of intra-oral mouth appliances that must be worn for at least an hour every day, plus the whole night while your child sleeps. This should help your child correct bad oral habits while learning proper ones. 

Aside from Myobrace itself, our East Killara clinic will help you learn about the Myobrace patient education program. This comprises daily activities such as proper breathing, mouth exercises, and stretching facial muscles to allow your child’s face and jaws to grow and develop naturally.

This holistic and preventive approach to orthodontic treatment is proven to provide long-term results. By addressing the root of the problem, Myobraces with our East Killara dentists offers your child a beautifully attractive smile and outstanding oral and general health benefits in later years.


This usually differs from patient to patient. But to complete the treatment early, strict compliance is essential. All Myobrace activities must be done, and the appliance must be worn as prescribed. On average, treatment with Myobrace is around 18 months.

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Straighten The Teeth Without Braces

Because it is a relatively new procedure, not many people are aware of the benefits that Myobrace can provide. But our highly experienced and knowledgeable dentist can explain the step-by-step treatment, so you know what to expect.To learn more about Myobrace here at Killara Dental, you should call for a family consultation.

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