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Braces in Killara – Contemporary Fixed Orthodontics

If you have misaligned teeth or issues with your bite, the good news is that we can help. We provide a range of contemporary fixed braces guaranteed to straighten up your smile and bite. 

Braces in Killara are orthodontic devices that correct teeth alignment to improve the health of the bite. Traditionally, braces treatment is done with a metal bracket on each tooth, a wire across the arch, and elastics. But, with contemporary orthodontic designs, patients can now benefit from clear tooth-coloured braces and other versions like Damon braces.

Are Dental Braces For Me?

The most common reason people visit our Killara dentist for braces treatment is to align their teeth and improve their smile and appearance. Orthodontic braces help them discover newfound confidence while boosting oral and general health. 

At Killara Dental, we recommend dental braces for:

  • Patients of all ages
  • Treatment of all kinds of teeth misalignments
  • Correction of bite problems
  • Prevention of jaw joints disorders

So if you have crooked or gapped teeth, our East Killara dentists recommend orthodontic braces. Fixed braces are suitable for fixing mild to complex bite problems, where patients can choose from stainless steel braces to clear or invisible tooth-coloured appliances. These options are available at our Killara clinic to better accommodate our patient’s lifestyles and needs. 

What You Should Know About Dental Braces

Braces can feel slightly uncomfortable at first

All orthodontic treatments require a learning curve. So when you first get your dental braces with our Killara dentist, they will feel slightly uncomfortable. Also, remember that constant pressure is applied to your teeth to straighten them. With every adjustment or a new aligner, you may feel bulkiness in your mouth, but this should dissipate after a day or two.

The treatment time can vary on a case-to-case basis

There is no “one-treatment-fits-all” when it comes to dental braces. Your case’s severity will come into play in determining how long your treatment will be. Generally, patients wear braces for anything between 6-24 months, but a typical timescale would be 18 months. 

Pre-extraction may be recommended

Before getting your braces at Killara dental, our dentist will examine the probable movements of your teeth and how they can achieve a straight smile. Because some patients have a smaller jaw, it cannot accommodate all teeth. Your dentist may advise getting 1 or 2 teeth extracted to fit and align the smile better.

Oral care is a must

To ensure optimal treatment results with braces, you must practice good oral hygiene and visit your dentist frequently. This will help keep the mouth healthy while teeth are straightened. Neglect may pose risks to your health and even cause the failure of your orthodontic treatment.

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Orthodontics at Killara Dental

If you or your family members have teeth alignment problems, traditional fixed braces remain popular with our Killara patients. They provide an effective, affordable way of achieving a straighter, healthier smile. Schedule an appointment to visit our dentists in East Killara for orthodontic braces treatment. This way, you’ll know the best solution for you and your smile.

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