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Dr Linda believes a smile makeover can be further enhanced by FACIAL INJECTABLES to soften wrinkles and plump up areas that have lost volume.


The anti wrinkle treatments target…

  • smoker’s lips
  • gummy smiles
  • Sore Jaw muscles from teeth grinding and cause of migranes and headaches

Dermal fillers target…

  • lip definition
  • lip volume and augmentation

Why see us for your facial injectable treatments?

  • Dentists have the highest undergraduate training in facial anatomy than most medical practitioners and their ancillary staff.
  • We administer local anaesthetics daily so are very skilled at injecting effectively and as painlessly as possible.
  • We are skilled at analysing the proportions of the face, know how the individual muscles in the face work and understand where the lips and gums should be positioned, so we will ensure your treatment looks natural and achieve your desired results.
  • No one has to know you have had any facial injectables done because you just came to see the dentist.

Dr Linda as a dentist is not just treating your teeth but the person behind it so she has gone in search of ways to enhance your smile and appearance to give her patients a better longer lasting result.

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