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Invisalign in Killara – Clear Aligner Treatment for Crooked Teeth

When you want straighter teeth and a more aligned bite, Invisalign at Killara Dental is an excellent choice. The process is done without the use of unsightly brackets and wiring. Instead, durable clear aligners fit snugly on the teeth and allow for gentle movement to effectively treat teeth misalignments such as crookedness, crowding, or spacing.

At our East Killara clinic, Invisalign patients can look and feel their best during treatment with clear aligners that are virtually invisible, convenient, and comfortable.

Determining if Invisalign is For You

Our dentists in East Killara recommend clear aligner treatment for teen patients and adults. Invisalign is primarily designed to treat mild to moderate teeth misalignments or to correct minor relapses from previous orthodontics treatment. This is because Invisalign works best on gentle tooth movements only.

If clear aligners are unsuitable for achieving your smile goals, our Killara dentist will happily recommend a more appropriate orthodontic treatment for you.

How Invisalign Works

After our Killara dentist evaluates that clear aligners are correct for you, the next step is to create a personalised treatment plan.

At Killara Dental, Invisalign treatment uses digital scanning technology to determine the exact movements of your teeth. With this technology, we can also map out your entire aligner treatment and provide predictable results. You can even preview your future smile before beginning.

Once your new smile has been signed off, our dentist will have your customised aligner trays made. Each set of aligners must be worn for two weeks. And as your teeth shift to their proper position, the aligners will loosen, so they must be replaced with a new set. This process of sequentially swapping out aligners continues until your teeth have reached their final position.

Living With Invisalign Braces

 Invisalign aligners must stay on for at least 22 hours every day and are only removed when eating or drinking or when you have to clean them. And every 6 to 8 weeks, you will visit our clinic at East Killara so we can check your clear aligner progress. Practice good oral hygiene to prevent bacterial build-up, which can otherwise discolour your aligners. And make sure to handle them carefully to avoid distortion or breakages.


As with other teeth straightening systems that we offer at Killara, Invisalign takes a little while to get used to. On the first go and with a new set of aligners, they may feel tight in the mouth, so some discomfort can be felt. But this should disappear within a few days. After that, you should hardly notice wearing them. Other than that, clear aligners are made with comfort in mind. They’re made from soft BPA-free plastic, and the borders are shaped to prevent scratches on your gums.

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The first step to achieving straighter teeth and improved confidence is to book a consultation at our East Killara clinic with our Invisalign certified dentist. We’re equipped with modern equipment to make your Invisalign journey safe and efficient while promising predictable results

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