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Dental Crowns Services in Sydney Same day crowns

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At killara dental we uses CEREC crowns, same day crowns, which are designed, milled and furnaced in house and on the same day while you wait. This is the latest in CAD-CAM and digital technology which has revolutionised dentistry.

A specialised camera captures a series of images of the prepared tooth and we manipulate the software to design a custom made crown to fit perfectly around the missing parts of the tooth,

No need for impressions, temporary crowns or a second visit with a second injection.

Thanks to this technology we can provide you with inlays, onlays, crowns and veneers in only one appointment.

With 30 years behind this technology we believe in delivering superior comfort and care to all our patients.

The same day crowns are made of high strength ceramics that are biocompatible and very aesthetic. They adhere to the teeth very well and you’ll be able to use the tooth right after the procedure. You’ll be guranteed it is Australian made and of the highest quality ceramics.

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The amalgam and cracks were removed and the tooth was restored with a CEREC same day crown that is all ceramic and completed in one visit. No impressions, no temporaries and completely digital.

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