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General Check-Up and Clean in Killara

If it’s been a while since you visited the dentist for a general check-up and clean in Killara, then now is a good time. Your appointment will include a thorough dental check-up to examine teeth, gums, tongue, and jaws, plus an oral hygiene clean to keep your teeth looking and feeling healthy.

Importance of  a General Check-Up and Clean
A general check-up and clean at our East Killara clinic is best done twice a year. If you’re wondering why, it’s because routine oral check-ups and dental cleaning with our Killara dentist is the easiest and most effective way to maintain good oral health and prevent dental diseases.

As our dentist examines your mouth, they should locate any problem areas and provide immediate treatment and management. This is especially helpful for common and highly preventable diseases such as tooth decay to more extensive dental problems such as oral cancers. Early detection and intervention of dental diseases help avoid further complications and sometimes can even save lives!
Teeth Cleaning Process
Dental cleaning here in Killara involves extensive teeth and gum examinations before gently scaling and polishing your teeth. We use a special ultrasonic scaler that vibrates against the teeth to effectively scrape away plaque, tartar, and debris without damaging your tooth enamel. Once clean, the teeth’s surfaces are polished. This provides instant whitening for an improved smile. Lastly, the mouth is rinsed to keep your breath fresh and clean.

If necessary, our Killara dentist may ask you to make another appointment for deep scaling. The process of deep scaling removes hard deposits (tartar) that have built up and are now hidden beneath the gums. Eradicating tartar makes all the difference to the health of your gums to ultimately avoid gum disease and bad breath. If left untreated, the problem can worsen, resulting in periodontal disease and loosening of your teeth.


Dental cleaning may be a little uncomfortable if patients have particularly sensitive teeth or haven’t visited the dentist for some time. If this is the case, our Killara Dentist may suggest administering a quick local anaesthetic to the mouth to prevent discomfort. Other than that, general check-ups and cleaning here in Killara Dental are a comfortable experience for most people.

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Comprehensive Dental Solutions For You and Your Family

Avoid the consequences of dental neglect and book an appointment for you and your family with a general check-up and clean at our Killara dentists. The goal is to maintain your healthy smile now and into the future using proven preventative dentistry measures that work. Moreover, to help you further, we’re a ‘No Gaps’ dentist that can help you save money on your check-up and dental cleaning in Killara.

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