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Teeth Cleaning

A regular 6 monthly check up and clean is essential to keep your mouth healthy and maintain any dental work you have had previously done.


What should I expect during a Comprehensive check – up? 

Your examination is a chance for us to talk with you about your dental health so we can discover your aims, as well as any concerns you may have. We will evaluate your oral health at every comprehensive examination so we can assess the situation fully and identify any changes. Your teeth, gums, jaws and oral tissues will all be meticulously but gently examined.

Comprehensive dental examinations include regular screenings for oral cancer as this can affect the inside of your mouth, your tongue and lips. Oral cancer is becoming increasingly common but a prompt diagnosis greatly improves the prognosis. A comprehensive examination will never be uncomfortable and is minimally invasive. We use the latest intra-oral cameras to show areas of decay, cracks and those we need to watch and check at the next appointment.

We also recommend having X-rays every 2 years to check for decay in between the teeth and look for signs of periodontal disease. We do a gentle thorough scale and polish of the teeth and apply a remineralising agent. Finally we go through at home care and what you can do to manage between visits.

We also recommend bringing your children from around the age of 1 onward for a check up to become familiar with the dental environment and also to check and discuss their oral and feeding habits.

What to expect should you require any treatment

If you do require any treatment then we will explain all the options available. We discuss the positives and negatives of each possible procedure and you will be provided with a written treatment plan that will include the number of visits and the associated fees. Our aim is to ensure every patient is fully informed and able to make the most suitable decision for their oral health requirements.

How often should I have a Comprehensive Examination? 

We like to see our patients every six months, although some people with more complex needs may benefit from more frequent visits. A comprehensive examination is the most effective method for facilitating the maintenance of good dental health. You can rest assured that Killara Dental will only ever recommend and provide the highest quality clinical services using the best and most appropriate techniques and materials.

We look forward to welcoming you to our Killara Dental family and are committed to continually providing you and your family with your regularly dental checks and maintenance.


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