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Quality Tooth Fillings in Killara

At Killara Dental, tooth fillings are one such option to prevent further dental decay.

Despite being highly preventable, dental decay remains one of the most common diseases. So if you or any of your family members have tooth decay, our dental team will have you checked for possible treatment with dental fillings. We use modern and durable tooth-coloured fillings that help seamlessly improve the tooth’s appearance and rebuild its structure for better chewing and biting functions.

Determining The Need For A Filling

There are several tell-tale signs of dental decay, and these include:

  • Tooth sensitivity to hot, cold, or sweets
  • Brown or black spots on the tooth
  • Holes on the tooth
  • Sharp tooth pain

During routine dental check-ups at our East Killara clinic, the need for tooth filling is identified through X-rays that show which areas have decay and how much of the tooth is affected. Most of the time, patients leave decay untreated because they don’t feel or see any problems. But you will be surprised that an X-ray can show otherwise.

So What’s the Procedure for Dental Fillings?

  1. Tooth Decay Removal – removal of all decay must be done to prevent infection or regrowth of the decay. If there is a significant amount of tooth structure that needs to be removed, local anaesthetics may help to make you feel comfortable.

  3. Shaping and Prepping – shaping the tooth is essential to prepare the tooth for dental fillings. At Killara Dental, we apply medications to the tooth if the depth is too close to the pulp. This will allow the tooth to heal, prevent sensitivity, and protect it from further decay.

  5. Filling and Polishing – tooth-coloured composite resin is placed and moulded in increments onto the cavity and cured to harden the material. Then, the composite is polished, resulting in a shiny and renewed tooth.


At our East Killara clinic, tooth fillings are done with strict application techniques to ensure their long-term reliability. With good oral hygiene and proper upkeep, you can expect your fillings to last up to 5 years. They will naturally wear over time, so make sure to visit for routine check-ups so our dentist can check the health of your fillings.

Our dentist will first have to check the health of your tooth and the broken filling. Some may be too large, which can be better treated with inlays and onlays or root canal therapy. But, if it is still a manageable size and there is no decay around the filling, your dentist will remove all existing filling to replace it with a new, more durable one.

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Preserve Your Tooth With Fillings

Tooth decay progresses rapidly and leaving it untreated may require more extensive and expensive dental work. Prevent these consequences by booking an appointment for a tooth filling at our East Killara clinic as soon as you see any sign of dental decay.

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