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Our Technology

At Killara Dental, our Dentists has invested in using the latest technologies to delivery the best care possible. We have carefully chosen state-of-the-art technology to provide clinical and diagnostic care to her patients. 

Safe rays | digital or computerised x-rays and OPG

Killara Dental uses high tech digital x-rays as we believe it offers the best treatment, most efficiently, safely and with up to 90% less radiation then convention x-ray systems. We also have an in-house OPG machine which saves you having to go to an external radiology centre for your routine dental x-rays.

CEREC – CADCAM digital crowns and implants 

Our Dentists has invested in the latest intra-oral cameras that is able to scan the teeth or implants to construct dental crowns, veneers and bridges on the same day while you wait. This technology is accurate and revolutionised dentistry. It ensures perfect fit every time without any impressions, temporary crowns or additional visits. 

Intra-oral cameras and caries detector 

We have a few intra-oral cameras that magnifies and displays images of your teeth and oral structures on our digital monitors. This allows monitoring and diagnosing of any dental issues you might have and can be shown to you to help you understand whats going on. We also have a special infrared intra-oral camera that can detect decay in teeth and in some cases avoid the use of x-rays to diagnose them. 

Root canal treatments with rotary drills

Root canal treatment has traditionally been done using very small files, operated by the dentist’s hand, inside the root. Advances in technology now allows this to be done using titanium highly flexible files attached to a drill. Research has shown this to improve the effectiveness of the removal of the dead tissue from the root canal, increasing the expected outcome and success of the root canal treatments. 


Killara Dental also has the latest soft tissue lasers which we use to release tongue/lip ties, sterilise root canals, treat gum and periodontal disease and whiten teeth.