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Roseville Dentist – Full-Service Dental Care in Nearby Killara NSW

If you’re struggling to find a Roseville dentist who can cater to all your family needs, why not take the short 6-minute drive to Killara Dental. We provide a comprehensive range of technology-led dental treatments and services for patients of all ages. From kids’ check-ups to computer-guided dental implants, Roseville residents can get everything they need right here under one roof! 

While we provide many treatments that a Roseville dentist does, we also offer a selection of treatments and services that another Roseville dental clinic may not. Treatments like computer-guided dental implants that utilises flapless surgical techniques, Same-Day CEREC crowns, Concentrated Growth Factor (CGF) therapy for speedier healing, and facial injectables to eradicate problems like night-time teeth grinding.

To find out more about how you can benefit as a Roseville dental patient, give us a call on (02) 9100 0831 or Book Online

About our dental treatments

Our Roseville dental care extends to a full range of preventative, restorative, and cosmetic dental services. In fact, sometimes, a Roseville dentist will refer a patient to us if it’s a service that they don’t provide. Treatments include:

Fluoride treatments, dental sealants, first dental check-ups

Same-day crowns, bridges, and veneers

Contemporary fixed braces, discreet clear aligners, Damon braces, and jaw extenders for kids

Zoom chairside teeth whitening, cosmetic anti-wrinkle injections,  facial injectables for preventing teeth grinding, and porcelain dental veneers

Conventional and computer-guided, flapless or non-flapless approaches and CGF - using your own blood products to extract growth factors vital to the healing and predictability of implant-based restorations.

 CPAP therapy and mandibular advancement splints (MAS)

Why choose us?
Understandably, you’ll want to know why you should choose us as your ‘go-to’ Roseville dentist over any other dentist in Roseville. Here are five great reasons why.
We serve patients from all over the Sydney North Shore area, including Pymble, Roseville, St Ives, Turramurra, Lindfield, and East Killara itself.

Roseville dental patients can benefit from a team of highly experienced dentists with over 20 years between them.

We’re technology-led. We’ve invested in the latest and best technology to make treatments better, safer, and more comfortable for Roseville dental patients. This includes OPG X-rays for panoramic scanning, Trios Intraoral scanners for cleaner impression-taking, easier diagnosis and treatment planning, and CEREC technology. The latter allows us to design, fabricate and fit custom crowns, veneers, inlays, and onlays in our dental practice near Roseville on the very same day.

Unlike some Roseville dental clinics, we’re also open on Saturdays for your convenience

Finally, we aim to make excellent dentistry affordable by providing a range of discounts, including DVA and NSW healthcare vouchers, No-Gaps check-ups for eligible parties, and seniors and pensioners discounts. We also offer flexible payment plans to help spread the cost of treatments.

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Commitment, quality, and care

If you're looking for a Roseville dentist who can serve the needs of you and your family, consider Killara Dental, just a short 6-minute drive away. Our motto is commitment, quality, and care, so whatever treatment you have, our dedicated team will commit to maintaining your oral health with the quality and care you deserve. Whether that's your child's first dental check-up, a troublesome tooth restoration, or you're considering orthodontic treatment here in Roseville NSW, we have you covered.

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Note: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.