If you’re visiting us for the first time, welcome! But more importantly, you’re probably here because you want to know the truth about dental implants. You’ve likely heard some horror stories about dental implant surgery being akin to medieval torture or being reduced to eating baby food for months on end. In reality, this couldn’t be further from the truth, or should that be tooth? 😊 

Of course, you could always visit a dentist that offers a consultation to get the lowdown. Still, if you’re simply exploring your options before deciding on whether to undergo dental implant treatment, we’ve got your back. We’ll bust some myths along the way and give you the whole tooth and nothing but the tooth. So let’s get started. 



Myth #1 – Dental implant surgery hurts

It’s easy to imagine a demonic dentist taking great pleasure in burying a metal rod deep into your jawbone – the stuff of nightmares, right? In reality, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Instead, every aspect of your dental implant surgery is planned to the 9th degree. So, when it comes to the surgical part, the part that everyone dreads, it really is a simple process. In fact, in terms of discomfort, undergoing dental implant surgery is no worse than having a tooth or teeth filled, and in some cases, no longer either, and that’s the truth! 


Myth #2  – You’ll be eating pureed food for months on end!

One truth about dental implants is that you may have to adopt a softer food diet. However, this is only for a couple of weeks until the implant is better stabilised. So, there’s no need to liquidise your Chicken Parmigiana or Pavlova. Instead, simply avoid hard, crunchy, or chewy food for a few weeks in favour of foods like fish, mashed potatoes, and soups. Then, as your implant strengthens, gradually add more of the foods you love. Simple!  


Myth #3 – Dental implants last a lifetime

If you’ve been researching dental implants, you’ll have heard the misleading phrase that dental implants last a lifetime. The question is, whose lifetime are we talking about? Yours? The dentist? The implant? Who?


toothful tale tooth implant killaraHere’s what we do know. The very first dental implant was inserted into a human patient back in 1965 and lasted until his death in 2006, some forty years later. Therefore we can confidently say that dental implants can last for forty years or more. Whether it will or not in your case depends upon many factors, and as for a lifetime…it depends upon how old you are in the first place. That’s the truth about dental implants

Naturally, this statement might be true for a seventy- or eighty-year-old patient, but for someone in their thirties, forties, or fifties, who knows? 

Also, remember that every dental implant needs a dental crown or bridge. These have a shelf life of 10-20 years so you may need a replacement restoration at some point. 

So there you have it, the truth about dental implants. Hopefully, we’ve put your mind at ease and given you the information you need to make an informed decision. If you’re still unsure whether a dental implant is for you, you can always get a consultation at your local dental clinic to find out if you’re a good candidate. 

In fact, if you live near Killara NSW, we provide a dental consultation near you and will tell you the tooth, the whole tooth, and nothing but the tooth about dental implants, so get in touch by calling on (02) 9100 0831 and book your dental implant consultation today. We guarantee it will put your mind at ease! 




Note: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner. 





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